Pono Rez revolutionized our business 10 years ago.  At the time, we took reservations manually and used Pono Rez solely for our online reservations.  We had to put aside seats for our web bookings so we didn’t “oversell”.  Once we “went all the way” with Pono Rez, all our inventory was all in one place and it’s all in “real time” so we never have to worry about overselling.  We also use “pay now” for all directs, which instantly created a smoother and faster check-in process.  There’s no more credit card system problems at check-in to worry about, no declined credit cards to worry about, etc.  We also use the system for all our reporting – which is very easy to use and interpret.  Another huge advantage is that it is internet based, so as an owner, I can be traveling anywhere in the country (or world) and can always check in and see what’s going on, add or delete inventory, run sales reports, etc.  It’s a beautiful thing!

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