Pono Rez has been an unbelievable life saver for our growing company allowing us to not only manage our extensive inventory for our growing internet sales channels but it has allowed us to provide professional support to our growing list of global smaller agents that want and need a professional online booking engine that supports fast and efficient sales for their customers. The A3H team has and is providing real VALUE to the members above and beyond anyone’s expectations.

¬ Lee J. Collins Sr. Vice President Sales & Marketing Gray Line Hawaii – Polynesian Adventure Tours. - Member since 2001

The best decision we have make in our 16 years of operation has been to utilize A3H’s Pono Rez system.
Not only is it “real time”; but, most importantly,  the ease of use is fantastic and quickly learned by all of our personnel—office staff, reservationists, dock girls and our answering service.  Tech support is unbelievable too. The speed of input is great, and our call-in customers and activity company representatives do not even realize that all the info and reservation has been simultaneously entered into the computerized Pono Rez system while we are taking their quick telephone call.  An additional benefit is the elimination of time-consuming manual record keeping and the availability of excellent management reports from the Pono Rez system.

¬ Don Kidder, President MAUI ADVENTURE CRUISES - Member since 1999

Pono Rez revolutionized our business 10 years ago.  At the time, we took reservations manually and used Pono Rez solely for our online reservations.  We had to put aside seats for our web bookings so we didn’t “oversell”.  Once we “went all the way” with Pono Rez, all our inventory was all in one place and it’s all in “real time” so we never have to worry about overselling.  We also use “pay now” for all directs, which instantly created a smoother and faster check-in process.  There’s no more credit card system problems at check-in to worry about, no declined credit cards to worry about, etc.  We also use the system for all our reporting – which is very easy to use and interpret.  Another huge advantage is that it is internet based, so as an owner, I can be traveling anywhere in the country (or world) and can always check in and see what’s going on, add or delete inventory, run sales reports, etc.  It’s a beautiful thing!

¬ Lisa Gibson/President Warren & Annabelle’s Magic Show - Member since 2001

“Pono Rez is Awesome – organized my business without eating a hole in my pocket”

¬ Scott Mercier/Owner West Maui Parasail - Member since 1990

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