• As a member, you have access to a dedicated Lobbyist.
  • Communication Web Environment
    Credentials (username/password) are provided to the owner/CEO of each company to access PonoRez.  This access level permits the user to create/read communications to/from a select group of members. The filters placed on messages may be by island and/or category. This is a very powerful tool especially when wanting to discuss a sensitive topic without any consequences, as your identity is anonymous.
  • Put HRS468M in Law Books (Click Here to view Language)
    • All Activity Desks Required to Register
    • Prohibits stickering over phone numbers
    • Prohibits Hawking visitors
    • Prohibits intermingling clients’ money with operations
    • Prohibits selling below cost
    • Must pay all interest received from money held belonging to an Activity Provider
    • Must pay within 30 days of invoice date
    • A3H may file injunctive suits on behalf of the activity provider(s) w/o disclosing identity.
    • Requires disclosure if Timeshare involved
    • Requires Trust Account or Bond
  • A3H provides a protective Umbrella for Members
  • Provides information on Delinquent Desks and recovery assistance for the collection of funds. Often this information is posted to the communication folders by members.
  • Consumer Complaints/Compliments hotline The Association maintains an 800 number (800-398-9698) and provides an online Consumer Complaint Form. A3H strives to resolve complaints to the customer’s satisfaction within ten days of receipt.
  • Activity Desk Information Source – posted to communication folders along with categorizing based on Risk associate.

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