Qualifications for Becoming & Maintaining A3H Membership

  • Must own or operate an activity or attractions business such as a helicopter company, museum, aquarium, land tour van company, visitor park, shopping center, ocean recreation business etc., which offers tours or an attraction directly to the public. These businesses are referred to as Activity Providers.
  • Members must hold current Hawaii State Business Registration, along with any required licenses and permits.
  • Agencies (i.e.: activity desks, resellers, timeshare outlets, hotel concierges, etc…) are not qualified to become a regular member of the organization. If your business is both a Provider and Agency all benefits of membership shall be restricted for use of the Provider business.
  • Each member must carry sufficient liability insurance to cover his or her service and product to the public and abide by all state and county laws.
  • Each member agrees to supply the Activities & Attractions Association of Hawaii with a certificate of liability insurance and name the A3H as an additional insured.
  • Members agree to maintain the highest quality of customer service, safety and product.
  • Respond to all visitor complaints within 10 business days.
  • Keep all monetary obligations to A3H current.
  • Noncompliance with any of the above or if A3H receives three consumer complaints that remain unresolved to the satisfaction of the visitor, membership maybe suspended, cancelled or forfeited without refund of dues.

Membership Application
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